Bavaria: Building with wood is put on an equal footing with other building materials

The new version of the Bavarian Building Code will make it easier to build with wood in the future. In future, it can be used in all building classes. Schreyer: "With this, we are making wood significantly more attractive as a building material and thus making construction more sustainable." The Council of Ministers passed the amendment in its session today. Now it is the turn of the state parliament.

It will also be more favorable for developers. The new Bavarian building code, for example, allows local authorities to regulate parking space requirements more flexibly because they can, for example, take alternative mobility concepts into account.

The amendment to the building regulations goes back to the housing summit of 11 September 2019, and takes into account key results of an extensive survey among housing associations, the construction industry and municipal umbrella organisations, as well as an expert hearing held by the Bavarian State Parliament on 22 October 2019.

Text source: PM of the stmb from 23.6.2020

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