Art Nouveau and Wilhelminian Quarter in Bonn

53113 Bonn: Together with the Weststadt, Bonn's Südstadt is considered the largest contiguous (and preserved) Gründerzeit quarter in Germany. Bonn-Bad Godesberg also has a large contiguous Gründerzeit quarter. Due to the mixture of uses, these quarters are regarded as the urban prototype of the "city of short distances". Furthermore, the building density helps to create inexpensive living space and reuse-friendly floor plans often allow the buildings to be used for well over 100 years. Completion: 1914

Mixed use as an important contribution to sustainable urban development
The urban development model of the Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau quarters is the mixture of residential, work and other non-residential uses. The city quarters of the Wilhelminian period, which are still popular today, are a good example of how buildings can be constructed that are usable for far more than 100 years. Since the "New Charter of Athens" (2003), building density and a mixture of uses have once again been regarded as the urban planning guiding principle of the European associations for urban planning and architecture. Since 2007, this guiding principle of the "Sustainable European City" has also been adopted by Europe's building ministers in the Leipzig Charter. In the newly planned quarters, however, those responsible are still finding it difficult to actually implement the mix of uses. In many municipalities, monocausal urban structures are still being developed. Here the residential area, there the commerce, elsewhere trade and educational facilities. Traffic flows can be significantly reduced in the city of short distances. A so-called qualified density of development helps to save costs in the long run and to create inexpensive living space. It is therefore all the more helpful to take a closer look at these proven neighbourhood structures.


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