Solar City Wiggenhausen

3 Collector view88045 Friedrichshafen: 570 apartments, 40,000 sqm living space, research project of ITW, Stuttgart, solar coverage ratio is of 50 % (heating and hot water), 4,056 sqm solar collectors, 12,000 cubic meters storage tank (33 m diameter, 20 m high)

The energy balance of 11 years of operation shows that in the meantime a solar coverage of about 50% of the heat supply is achieved by the solar system. (Status: 2008; Source)

4.2 million euros for solar technology, storage tank and local heating network
=> 5,500 Euro additional investment per apartment
=> 83 Euro/sqm living space

Collectors DM 3.7 million, long-term storage DM 2.9 million, local heating DM 1.8 million
=> Total: DM 8.4 million
=> 210 DM/m² floor space

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1st and 2nd construction phase:

3rd construction phase (from 2013 preferentially awarded to building communities):
SWG residential complex (completion 2018)
Residential complex of the Städtische Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Friedrichshafen (completion 2017):

Last Updated: December 6, 2020

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