Building area "Hirtenwiesen II" with solar local heating in Crailsheim

© Photo: Matthias Wangelin, Kassel (2019)

74564 Crailsheim: 250 residential units and a school with sports hall (Hirtenwiesenhalle). Solar local heat supply for the base load heat of 2000 apartments with 7,410 m² collector surface, a 39,000 m³ geothermal probe heat storage, two buffer storage tanks (100 m³ + 480 m³) and a compression heat pump (80 kW). Completion: 2008

Solar thermal systems with 7410 m²
All solar thermal systems together generate over 2 million kWh of emission-free thermal energy annually. The solar coverage share is around 50 %, of the heat demand for space heating and domestic hot water.

The larger part of the collectors (5,000 m², 2,500 kWth) is built on the southern flank of a noise barrier up to 15 m high. The residential area is separated from the adjacent commercial area by this south-facing noise barrier. By integrating the large collector areas on its south side into an overall ecological concept, the area acquires a local recreational character and provides suitable habitat for native plants and animals.

The compression heat pump (80 kW) © Photo: Matthias Wangelin, Kassel (2019)


Furthermore, solar collectors were installed as roofing in the south-facing roofs of selected buildings so that they form the water-bearing layer of the roof, thus reducing construction costs. Specifically, these were: the apartment buildings (1,750 m², 875 kWth) into the Hirtenwiesenhalle (200m², 100 kWth) and into the roof of the high school (550 m², 275 kWth).

Stadtwerke Crailsheim GmbH financed total investments of around € 8 million. Grants of around € 2.4 million were received from the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, around € 1.4 million from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Economics and around € 1.4 million from the town of Crailsheim.


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