Press / photo requests

This web database provides information on 362 projects sustainable Settlements, Quarters and Building, and 204 Galleries in the database with a total of 5408 Images.

Do you need Photo material for your reports, articles or website, then feel free to write to me. On weekdays you will usually receive an answer to your request the same day. If you are looking for a special motif (grass roof or mound houses etc.) use the keywords cloud at the bottom of the page. Most of the photos are also available in print resolution. Please mention the desired photo/s and the purpose in your mail.

Depending on the purpose (university, science, club/association, daily press, trade journal, book project, PR) and image size (resolution, file size) as well as number of images, I ask for a reasonable agreement. In the professional field, 25 to a maximum of 150 Euros per image are generally accepted. If the photo rights do not lie with me, but with a third party (photographer, architect, house owner, etc.), then higher costs are to be expected - also due to the obtaining of consent and any necessary remuneration. You will receive a taxable invoice with sales tax (VAT), for higher amounts after receipt of payment also a receipt.

Even with technical issues we will be happy to help you. The sdg21.web database has been around since 2000 and is run by Mr. Wolpensinger with the support of numerous colleagues. He has been working full-time since 1994 on construction-related issues with a focus on the sustainability of settlements, neighbourhoods and buildings.

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