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Blog posts
Number of blog posts Bavaria: 49
Number of blog posts NRW: 80

996 Taxonomies for projects "db
996 Taxonomies of the type "Typlogy
8 Taxonomies of the "decade" type
16 Taxonomies of the type "Federal state
16 Taxonomies of the type "Nation" (Europe)
117 Taxonomies of the type "Topics
40 Taxonomic bodies on the subject of "urban region

105 The profile of the settlement "Arkadien Winnenden" contains the following words
874 The profile of the "Aegidienhof residential project" contains the following words
568,196 words in total in the sdg21.web database

Statistical figures for "taxonomies
Projects Number: 362
Number of BlogNews: 816
Number of Blog Taxonomy "Topic": 149
Number of pages: 151
Number of pages (ShortCode variant): 151 
Number of "More info" pages 23
Number of keywords: 78
Number of Event Notes: 625