best practice

Compilation of excellent, innovative settlement and neighbourhood projects

According to the Duden definition, "best practice" means the best possible method, measure or similar for carrying out and implementing something. In the glossary of the term is explained in more detail: "In contrast to the best possible solution, the "best practice" is merely the best realized solution. Within a benchmarking process, the search is not for the theoretically or technically best option. Rather, the products or services actually offered on the market are compared with each other with regard to uniform quality criteria."

The "best practice" approach is interesting in relation to the sustainability of settlements and urban quarters in that it provides concretely realisable concepts and approaches that can be applied in new planning.

In the sdg21.web database you will find a selection of more than 400 projects that have been realised mainly in the last 30 years in Europe under sustainable objectives. Just over 200 projects are documented with further information and photo galleries. The documentation focus is on Germany and the German-speaking countries (D - A - CH).

Settlement and neighbourhood projects that have been realised within the framework of building exhibitions are normally characterised by ambitious targets. They can be implemented via can be called.

In the article Sustainable housing: standards and innovations, in the book "best of WOHNEN" in the Edition Detail 2012, an overview of the best sustainable quarters and settlements in Europe at that time is given.

The Construction Consultancy has studied the success factors and experiences of sustainable settlements over the last decades and can help to get settlement and neighbourhood projects, housing projects or research projects off the ground and provide professional support. Since 1995, the operator of this website Holger Wolpensinger has been presenting successful concepts of settlement and neighbourhood projects in Presentations before and published to this. He provides technical support through SWOT analyses during concept and project developmentor in marketing, press and public relations work, as well as in the organisation of specialist conferences and Excursions.