Labels, seals, environmental and quality marks

on ecological and sustainable building and living

ALLÖKH by Institute for Environment and Health - IUG Fulda. Indoor pollutant emissions and product materials (no longer on the market)
EPD (Environmental Product Declarations) for building products according to EN 15804
Institute Construction and Environment e.V.
Pictogram The Blue Angel
"Der Blaue Engel" (The Blue Angel) comparatively environmentally and health compatible products
eco-INSTITUT Germany GmbH, Cologne
Test seal
Certified products:
Commission certifications:
"ok-Power" - The sign of green energy
European Eco-label
European energy label Rating of household (large) appliances according to their energy consumption…energy-label-and-ecodesign_en
Pictogram FSC seal
FSC seal Wood and wood products from sustainable forest management
Consideration of environmental and social standards
CSR label
Corporate Social Responsibility Standard according to ISO 26000
Pictogram Golden M
Golden M - high quality furniture taking into account environmental and health aspects
Green Electricity Label pictogram
Green electricity - The green electricity label of the environmental associations
"Wood from here" label

IBO test mark
Products: Wall building materials, building boards, plasters and insulating materials
Austrian Institute for Building Biology, Vienna
Institute for Building Biology Rosenheim GmbH, Rosenheim (IBR)
VDB-ZERT (since January 2019)
Berufsverband Deutscher Baubiologen VDB (Professional Association of German Building Biologists) has developed a certification system for assessing the quality of residential buildings in terms of their health compatibility for users.
German Cork Association
LGA certification of building materials tested for harmful substances:
MIPS House (Resource Optimized Buildings)
Natureplus pictogram
Environmentally conscious and health-compatible building materials, building products and furnishings
among other things wood from ecological forest management
Society for Quality Standards of Ecological Furniture Stores, Cologne
ÖkoPlus AG
Specialist trade association for ecological building and living
Öko-Test pictogram
Product overview Building, Housing:
Austrian Ecolabel
national ecolabel
a.o. products in the range Building and Energy and Mobility
stands for "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes".
Phi - Certification of components suitable for passive houses…zertifizierung.htm
R symbol
of the ARGE kdR - Working Group for Controlled Declared Raw Materials e.V. Labelling of the proportions of resources in a product.
In a scale of 10 in the R-symbol are shown: green the renewable parts, yellow the mineral and red the fossil product parts.
RAL quality mark
in construction
Around the house

RAL Quality Mark Solar
The RAL Quality Mark 966 - for solar energy systems - covers photovoltaic, solar thermal and battery storage systems as well as the technologies directly coupled with them.

Sentinel House Institute
Stiftung Warentest: comparative product tests focusing on quality, usability, also environmental aspects; test results are also available on the Internet
ToxFox: Scan BarCode, ask and shop toxin-free
What pollutant groups are displayed and further information:
Reviews of other
Building area
End customers of the Federal Association of Consumer Initiatives

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