Documenta Urbana, Kassel-Dönche

134134 Kassel: 137 units; various architects including Baufrrösche, Roland Rainer, Otto Steidle. Construction: 1980- 82. There has only been one building exhibition "documenta urbana", which was created in the context of the "documenta 7" in 1982.

Various architects:
ASB, Gh Kassel: Hans-Soeder-Str. 9-24 and Hans-Leistikow-Str. 5-28
Baufrösche, Kassel (see photo)
bb5Baller und Partner, Berlin: Heinrich-Schütz-Str. 242 and Hermann-Mattern-Str. 10
Hillmer and Sattler, Munich: Hermann-Mattern-Str. 2+ 6
Hertzberger, Amsterdam: Heinrich-Schütz-Str. 244 and Hermann-Mattern-Str. 8
Olivegren, Stockholm: Heinrich-Schütz-Str. 260-270 and Heinrich-Lauterbach-Str. 2-14
Patschan, Werner, Winking, Hamburg: Heinrich-Schütz-Str. 258
Planning Collective No. 1, Berlin: Heinrich-Schütz-Str. 246-256
Roland Rainer, Vienna: Hermann-Mattern-Str. 1-5 + 35, 37
2Steidle and Partner, Munich: Heinrich-Schütz-Str. 246 and Hermann-Mattern-Str. 4




Last Updated: December 9, 2020

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