Residential yards Auerberg Bonn

Homesteads Auerberg53117 Bonn-Auerberg: 40 rental detached houses organized in two courtyards. Solid construction with facades in timber construction, ceiling above ground floor in timber construction. For ecological reasons as well as for longer durability of the roof structure, the 'warm roof' (the so-called 'unventilated roof') was extensively greened. Completion: 2003

Addr.: Prager Straße 20-98

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European timber route (HKZR Nettersheim)

Last Updated: January 13, 2021

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All project/s of the planning office: ; City region: Bonn and surrounding area; Country: Germany; Characteristics: 01 - 02 Floors, Rental apartments, Residential; Thematic: Mixed wood construction