KfW 40 and KfW 40 Plus are worthwhile!

Since April 2016, there have been interesting changes at KfW Bank for sustainable construction: Houses in the "KfW 40" or "KfW 55" efficiency house standard will in future receive an interest subsidy of €100,000 instead of €50,000, and the subsidy will double as a result. In addition, the KfW 70 house will be completely removed from the funding pots of the L-Bank and KfW-Bank because it meets the statutory ENEV standard.
A PlusEnergy house, which corresponds to a "KfW 40 Plus", has a huge financial advantage in the future compared to an EnEV house. For a single-family house with one residential unit, it can be up to 100,000 € savings in 20 years. With houses with more housing units accordingly more. It is therefore worth talking to the financing bank and comparing KfW40 with the normal EnEV (KfW70).

Especially the construction of houses in the KfW 40 and KfW 40 Plus efficiency house standard is currently worthwhile as never before. For example, the L-Bank for KfW 40 gives a loan amount of € 100,000 at 0.75% interest and a repayment subsidy of € 16,000.

Further there is e.g. from the L-Bank the interest-reduced credit ".Living with a future" and from the KfW Bank the low-interest loan "Home ownership financing“. For an efficient heat pump, there is a further € 4,000 grant from BAFA when building a PlusEnergy house.
The new funding conditions at a glance:

  • Low-interest loans from L-Bank and KfW-Bank (L-Bank: €100,000 for 0.75% and redemption subsidy €11,000 per residential unit, KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus 16.000 €)
  • Living with a future of the L-Bank (approx. 32,000 € for 1.1%)
  • KfW home ownership financing (€50,000 for 0.9% for 5 years or 1.4% for 10 years)
  • BAFA heat pump subsidy for effective heat pumps with € 4,000

Bottom line, you get about:

  • For one residential unit: € 182,000 subsidised and
    at KfW Efficiency House 40 => 15.000 € subsidies,
    at KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus => 20.000 € subsidies
  • For two residential units: 282,000 € interest subsidised and
    at KfW Efficiency House 40 => 26.000 € subsidies,
    at KfW Efficiency House 40 Plus => 36.000 € subsidies

You can find examples of houses and housing estates in PlusEnergy construction under:
https://sdg21.eu/tag/plusenergiehaus or on www.plusenergie.siedlungen.eu


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