eco_settlement_house_heydenhof52134 Herzogenrath-Kohlscheid: at the same time as the building biology settlement "Sheep's Broth" in Tübingen, these two settlements are considered the first ecological settlements in Germany. Haus Heydenhof" is located in the direct vicinity of the "Old wind art„. Completion: 1985

Building measure New building

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(circa 1999)

Location Conveniently located plot in the Kohlscheid-Bank district, development plan amendment for courtyard development possible, general residential area, good public transport connection
Type a two-storey (plus attic) multi-family residential complex in timber frame construction with solid house partitions: six "single-family houses" (some with basements), one two-family house, community house, bicycle shed, carports
Residential units 8
Residents at completion 31, now approx. 22
Form of ownership Condominiums, leasehold land
Ecology Interior development; space-saving construction; conservatories, in individual cases solar collectors, photovoltaics. Service water systems; rainwater infiltration; protection of existing vegetation, resource-saving timber frame construction, biological building materials, large kitchen gardens, small animal husbandry, partial self-sufficiency.
Economics very cost-efficient thanks to simple construction standards, community of builders as property developer, own contribution, joint financing concept
Socio-culture organized group self-help, integrative planning by group members, cooperative-like model, community house and facilities
Special features basic architectural idea of a two-storey residential complex close to the city consisting of nested single-family residential units with the same basic grid and individual extensions and floor plans; dense, courtyard-like development
Notes Self-help project: Supported by the federal government (BMBau) and the state of NRW
Sources Urban Experience - Urban Design Building Blocks for Human Ecology German Institute for Distance Learning at the UNI Tübingen DIFF NR.5 Ecological Orientation in Planning, Renewal and Building p.239 ff
Contact Project address: Haus-Heyden-Hof, Planungsgemeinschaft Haus-Heyden-Hof b.R., Haus-Heyden-Hof 1-8, 5120 Herzogenrath 3
Links (one of the architects involved)
Booth Status: 12/2004 Holger Wolpensinger, Bonn


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