NRW Solar Settlement "Steinfurth-Borghorst

0348565 Steinfurth-Borghorst: 42 residential units, project with solar local heating and seasonal storage (1st project of the support programme "50 Solar Housing Estates NRW"). Completion: 2000

Location: Anne-Frank-Ring
Project type: New building
Average living space: 90 m²
Building types: 2 semi-detached and 11 terraced houses
Start of construction: 1998, completion: 2000

Heating system: solar local heating system (collector surface 510 m²) in connection with a long-term storage tank (1,500 m³)
Thermal insulation standard: partly passive house standard (15 kWh/m²a), partly NEH standard (30 - 50 kWh/m²a)
Ventilation system: Passive houses with ventilation system with heat recovery

Solar coverage percentage over the whole year: 35%
"German Solar Prize 2001" (EUROSOLAR)

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