WEG "Am Rundling

dream of life12487 Berlin-Johannisthal: 20 houses with 22 residential units (KfW 40-60) were built under the working title "Lebenstraum Johannisthal" for 70 small and large people, as an ecological residential project. Number of parking spaces: 0.3 PkWs/WE, 100 m² solar collectors (50 kW), 23 kW photovoltaic system, 99 kW wood pellet system (with exhaust gas heat exchanger, downstream flue gas scrubber and condensate heat exchanger), 600 m³ grey water system, completion: 2007

Address: Am Rundling 1-20, Berlin

GFZ: 0.39
Living & usable space: 3,540 m²
Living space: 2,309 m²

Energy: local heating network; wall heating, underfloor heating
Healthy and ecological building materials: Timber frame construction with cellulose insulation, straw wall panels, clay plaster, clay bricks and linoleum.

Number of parking spaces: 0.3 PkWs/WE
Parking spaces at the edge of the settlement

Open Space Design:
few sealed surfaces, near-natural design
privately used garden and retreatflächen
landscaped community garden areas around the community house
Space for playground, garden pond, barbecue corner
Pond, grass and a wide variety of pflance zones

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Community house as a larger multifunctional space, workshop and sauna for the neighbourhood
Building community and functioning community life of young and old in the residential phase
Conscious design of private and communal zones, demarcation and withdrawal into personal areas are guaranteed, as is the meeting with others.
Consensual decisions

Construction costs
Simple, well-designed structures that allow for low-cost construction through prefabrication.
Total costs: 2,078 Euro/m²
Total costs (KG 100 - 700): 4.800.000 Euro
Pure construction costs (KG 300 + 400): 2.506.000 Euro
Building sum TGA: 409.000,- €

- Climate Protection Partner Berlin 2008
- Winner of the IKEA competition "Living in the future" 2007

SZ article about the building community (2010):
Building owners' association Lebens(T)raum Johannisthal GbR (ikea price)

Last Updated: December 8, 2020

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