Lower Neustadt Kassel

Photos: Matthias Wangelin, Kassel

34123 Kassel-Unterneustadt: Re-foundation of the Unterneustadt district. High building density with GFZ 2.0. Size: 29 buildings with a total of 87 WEs. Of which 73 are publicly subsidised and 65 WEs with a parking space number of 0.1 PkWs/WE. Completion: 2001

Addr.: Christophstrasse

EXPO 2000
The project Wiedergründung Unterneustadt was selected in 1997 as one of the so-called "Worldwide Projects" of EXPO 2000 in Hanover. For the first time, Expo 2000 set one of its focal points on sustainability and environmental compatibility, to which the Kassel project, with its emphasis on inner development on a historic urban ground plan, fitted well.



HHS: www.hhs-architekten.de/...sozialer-wohnungsbau-unterneustadt...
Baufrösche: Housing construction Unterneustadt, blocks 16 and 18


Eckhard Jochum (2009): Unterneustadt Kassel 1994- 2009. architectural guide volume II.

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