Residential yard "Brickyard

79249 Merzhausen: 20 units, architecture: Rolf Disch. Flexible, "organic" floor plans, social concept, family-friendly residential courtyard typologies, cost-effective, completion: 1980.

Street "Im Laimacker"
Building type Housing estate with individual buildings oriented around a residential courtyard, new construction
Form of ownership Condominiums, mostly rented, only a few builders left
Location self-contained settlement in suburban residential zone.
Size (WE) 14 buildings with variable housing units, mostly 1-2 per building, in total approx. 20 WE. Approx. 35 residents
Completion 1980

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Sustainability measures
Urban planning Self-contained settlement island, which hardly makes any contact with the surrounding buildings.
Water Rainwater infiltration
Traffic Parking only outside the settlement
Outdoor facilities Blends in with the topography; lots of natural planting in the courtyard
Economics Reduction of construction costs through a community of builders and mutual assistance
Socio-cultural High residential value, as quiet suburban location and yet good connection to public network; community idea within the settlement; very child-friendly concept.
Special features Individuality with a simultaneous sense of community is achieved in the outdoor space as well as in the apartments.
Contact Architect's office Rolf Disch; Wiesentalstr. 19, 79115 Freiburg, Germany
Detailed project description (pdf 330 kB)
Sources Findings and conversations on site, information sheet of a resident
Text Astrid Petzold 2005

Last Updated: December 25, 2020

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