Building Biology Settlement Friebertshausen

fribertsh35075 Gladenbach-Friebertshausen: 19 houses, about 29 adults and 34 children. Approx. 18.000 m2 Property. Additional 22.000 m2 leased (playgrounds, orchards, ponds), construction period: 1987-90

Building type(s)  EFH, doubleH
New construction, renovation  New building
Form(s) of ownership  Property
Size (WE)  15 single family homes and 2 duplexes. 29 adults and 34 children. Approx. 18.000 m2 Property. Additional 22.000 m2 leased (playgrounds, orchards, ponds)
Construction time  1987-90

Waste/water Fully biological wastewater treatment through reed-bush iris basins, natural infiltration possibilities for rainwater, limitation of soil sealing. Rainwater utilisation
Energy Use of passive solar energy, use of regenerative energy sources, combined heat and power generation for straw and hot water production
Building materials /
Building Biology
Use of traditional, regionally typical, healthy building materials, wood, clay, brick, natural stone. Radiesthesia
Traffic CarSharing
Outdoor facilities Enabling houses to be extended, creating natural succession areas, enabling self-sufficiency, keeping livestock (sheep, goats, rabbits, dogs and cats as well as miniature pigs and donkeys) .
Climate balanced microclimate. Facade greening
Economics  Shopping Coops
Socio-cultural Jointly made decisions and the management of a settlers' fund contribute to a close social network. Working weekends for the maintenance of the common areas and mutual childcare
Notes  One of the first ecologically oriented housing estates in the Federal Republic of Germany was built in the district of Friebertshausen in the municipality of Gladenbach (Hesse). In 1982, the Hessische Landgesellschaft, as the owner of the land, carried out an expert evaluation procedure. The Arbeitskreis Humanökologie Aachen had submitted the favoured proposal. The preparation of the draft development plan was assigned to the Hessische Landgesellschaft. The working group was commissioned by the Hessian Minister for Regional Development, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry to draw up an urban development and green design plan. The Federal Environment Agency has commissioned the Office for Municipal and Regional Planning, Aachen, to observe and evaluate the procedure. The aim is to make transferable experience available for other projects.
Contact - Ecological-Building Biology Settlement Friebertshausen c/o Brigitte Schmitz, Auf dem Heckenstück 13, 35075 Gladenbach
- Architect Uwe Kortlepel, NL 6294 NG Vijlen Zuid-Limburg
  Hessian Agricultural Society
Sources  - "Ecotopolis" catalogue
Community living in Hesse. List of projects and initiatives 2007
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Booth  12/2004 Holger Wolpensinger


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