Hundertwasser House in Vienna

© Photo: Thomas Meier

© Photo: Thomas Meier,

AT - 1030 Vienna: it is the first house that was built according to the ideas and designs of the painter Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It was designed together with the architect J. Krawina (Univ.-Prof. at the TU Berlin) and built with the architect Peter Pelikan. The building contains 50 apartments, four business premises and a doctor's practice. About 250 trees and shrubs were planted on the 16 private and three communal roof terraces and on the roofs. The media response to the building was enormous worldwide. In Vienna, the Hundertwasser House is one of the much photographed tourist attractions. Completion: 1986

Apartment sizes: between 30 m2 and 150 m2
Apartment rent: approx. 5 Euro per m2
Common rooms: 2 children's playrooms, 1 conservatory

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