Solar settlement Bramfeld

16brf53722175 Hamburg-Bramfeld: 130 WE, one of the larger solar local heating projects with a 4,000 m3-water storage tank. Completion: 2000

District Wandsbek district, Bramfeld district
Address Carsten-Reimers-Ring, Braamwisch, Backhauskoppel
Location within residential areas, on residual land around a former farm
Construction time 1994- 2000
Architect PPL Planungsgruppe Prof. Laage, Hamburg, and others
Owner Housing associations
Size Hectare Total project 20 hectares
Residential units 130 CU
Other information: 124 units, of which 40 belong to Braamwisch
Total project 284 WE
Apartment type Total project: 105 flats, 179 dense single-family houses (i.e. terraced/ semi-detached houses)
Notes Solar local heating project with hot water tank 4,200 m3;
directly adjacent: Braamwisch; one of the largest solar settlements in Germany
Overall project: Karlshöhe, Carsten-Reimers-Ring, Braamwisch, Backhauskoppel

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Urban planning, architecture
Urban planning Overall project around former large farm grouped into three assemblies, of which the two larger ones have been realised;
Architecture Multi-storey buildings, terraced houses, with steeply pitched roofs (integrated solar cells on south-facing roofs);
partly single-storey angle houses with flat gable roof (grass roof),
Outbuildings partly grass roof (rating: but too steep roof pitch !)
Energy large solar project; solar systems architecturally well integrated into roof surfaces; collector surface 3,000 sqm; long-term heat storage with 4,500 cubic metres for 130 residential units (14,500 sqm living space); solar coverage approx. 49%, rest is covered by combined heat and power plant
Sewage Technology roadside stormwater ditches; retention basin (north of Braamwisch)
Free space
Garden private, single, partly without separation between neighbours
Playground large children's playground in the eastern part of the settlement; sand play area above the heat reservoir; modelled area at the edge
Pitches roadside, on private property open or carport
Eco-aspects distinctive ditch system with marginal strips crosses the eastern settlement area; rainwater pond; settlement encloses the meadows around the eco-centre on the former farm
Street paved; asphalt and clinker paving; partly oversized (turning loops for garbage trucks etc.)
Source Johann Hartl 2003: Ökosiedlungen. A guide to 27 realized ecological housing estates in Germany. Seoul/ Berlin 2003.


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