WohnMichel in Michendorf

Photo: M. Grausam, Berlin

14552 Michendorf: Plot: 17,000 m², three houses in the 1st construction phase as two-storey apartment buildings and 500 m² living space each with eight or nine apartments. Together 25 WEs. Completion: 2019

In a second construction phase, two more residential buildings and a community centre with a meeting hall are to be built on an area of 12,000 m².

Building materials: Ecological paints, wood, harmless glazes and the avoidance of plastics. Wood, cellulose insulation and, in some cases, clay as interior plaster are used as resource-conserving building materials.

Energy: KfW standard 55, natural gas CHP (possibly operation with power-to-gas), photovoltaics and battery storage are planned.

Water: constructed wetland and grey water use for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.

Common spaces: meeting hall with kitchen, guest apartments, a sauna, common outdoor spaces (e.g. playground, organic vegetable garden), workshops, car sharing, sheds for bikes, tools and gardening equipment, terraces, outdoor playgrounds/space for children, foodcoop, communal meals (e.g. once a week or at lunchtime for everyone who is there), film club, dance evenings, yoga, etc. We are open to cultural and social projects.

Client: WohnMichel GmbH

Architecture: Petra Kuczmarski (büro 1.0) & Michael Grausam (humantektur)


Last Updated: May 4, 2020

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