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Report (2020) about the first eco-settlement in Saarland

5:18 min, First broadcast: 11/19/2020, Available until 11/20/2021.
Wir im Saarland - The Magazine ∙ SR Television

"A quarter of a century ago, Bernd Janes looked for like-minded comrades-in-arms and founded an ecologically oriented housing estate on the outskirts of Kohlhof. At first, the new neighbors were eyed critically by the surrounding community. No wonder, because the houses were built in wood, four families shared one house and the gardens were not separated from each other by fences, but merged seamlessly into each other."

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Project Info: https://sdg21.eu/db/holzbausiedlung-kleiner-hirschberg

RENN.west campaign "Goals need action" launched

On Saturday, 14 September, the RENN.west campaign "Goals need action" was launched in Dortmund. It informs about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and mobilizes people for their implementation. Prominent supporters are the BVB, the multiple boxing world champion Wladimir Klitschko and the top model Elena Carrière.