The sdg21.web database is intended to provide free access to constructive solutions with no limit to information. If this is also a concern for you and you like the offer, support it with a tax-deductible donation.

Donation Account:

Consignee: BAUWENDE
IBAN: DE91 5003 1000 1055 9130 01
Triodos Bank
Intended purpose: "Donation sdg21″

Monetary donations are used exclusively for the operation and further development of the sdg21.web database for sustainable settlements and neighbourhoods. The donations are tax deductible. Donation receipts can also be issued for donations in kind (please clarify with us beforehand). The board of the non-profit association Bauwende e. V.  ensures that the funds are used appropriately. He is obliged to account to the general meeting and also to the tax office. A (possibly electronic) donation receipt will be sent if the full first name and surname, the address of the donor and, if applicable, the email address are available.

For donations up to 200 euros, the so-called simplified proof requirement applies. This means that the bank transfer receipt is sufficient as a donation receipt. This no longer has to be submitted with the tax return since 2017, but may have to be submitted upon request.

For donations over 200 Euro or on request, a donation receipt will be sent automatically, if necessary electronically, if the complete first and last name, the address of the donor and if necessary the email address are available.

For the first 1,650 euros of donations per year, half is reimbursed as a tax refund - the rest can be deducted as a further special expense.

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