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sdg21.theme "responsive" again

The previous sdg21.WordPress theme was no longer "responsive" for quite a while, which is why not all functions could be used, especially on smartphones. This week I was finally able to solve the problem. So now the sdg21.web database is available again on tablets and smartphones with full functionality. Through the new "Theme" it can [...]

New feature: get informed by email, when there are new sdg21.posts.

Via the new feature you will get a message by email when there are new posts in the sdg21.web database. sdg21 news subscription Sent with the latest content weekly on Tuesday at 9:00 am when there is something new on sdg21.eu. All subscription options can be found at: https://sdg21.eu/sdg21-news-abonnieren

New domain: "sdg21.eu" instead of "siedlungen.eu".

As of today, the web database for sustainable settlements and neighbourhoods can be accessed under the domain "sdg21.eu". The previous domains www.siedlungen.eu, www.holzbausiedlungen.de and their subdomains are still active and lead directly to the respective contents.

Why the move to sdg21.eu?

There is a content-related and a practical reason for this. The practical reason is the somewhat shorter spelling, but also that it is easier to pronounce.

The reason for this is that this website is not only about settlements, as www.siedlungen.eu would suggest, but increasingly also about urban districts. There are not as many urban quarters with more far-reaching sustainability concepts as there are sustainable settlements or eco-settlements. However, the urban structure of mixed-use neighbourhoods, in the best case scenario, and the significantly lower land consumption in most cases for the same usable area, is in itself a significant contribution to sustainable development. Mixed-use neighbourhoods are conceptually ideally suited to organising everyday mobility without private cars and are an established and proven method of creating affordable housing in the city.

In order to be able to communicate this topic more directly, there is now an additional access within the sdg21.web database via the URL www.quartiere.net. This link will directly display Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods.

Popular Sustainable Settlements and Neighborhoods in 2019

The following sdg21 web pages had the most hits from January 1 to December 31, 2019: Page views were only recorded if "Do not track" was disabled in the user's browser. This means the actual access numbers are likely to be significantly higher sdg21 page views projects link 1. https://sdg21.eu/db/stellwerk-60-koeln-nippes 2. https://sdg21.eu/db/nachhaltiger-modellstadtteil-vauban 3. https://sdg21.eu/db/s-u-s-i 4. https://sdg21.eu/db/baumhaeuser-von-frei-otto-in-berlin-tiergarten 5. [...]

Major update of the sdg21 web database

In a second somewhat more extensive update of the sdg21 web database there were these new features: - the start page was completely reworked - many new projects and photo galleries - the europe projects reorganized - FNB blog moved to the sdg21 website at blog.sdg21.eu - improved structuring and new plugins improve the functionality

Popular Sustainable Settlements 2018

From May to December 2018, the following sustainable settlements and neighbourhoods were accessed most frequently in the sdg21 web database: settlement / neighbourhood 1. Bielefeld-Waldquelle 2. Ökostation Freiburg 3. ESA student dormitory Kaiserslautern 4. Hundertwasser-Haus "Waldspirale" 5. IBA Block 6 Berlin 6. Ökosiedlung "Frasenweg" 7. Stellwerk 60 Cologne-Nippes 8. Am Rundling Berlin 9. [...]

The most popular Sustainable Settlements 2017

In 2017, from April to December, the following profiles of sustainable settlements in the sdg21 web database were accessed most frequently: settlement page views 01. Sustainable model city district Vauban 782 02. Tree houses by Frei Otto in Berlin-Tiergarten 641 03. Community settlement "Alte Gärtnerei" in Kiel 610 04. Clay building settlement Schöneiche 599 05. Hundertwasser house "Waldspirale" 539 [...]

sdg21 innovations in 2018

Many new projects, new photo galleries or new individual project photos have been added to the web database www.siedlungen.eu in 2018. The following is an overview. New projects and photos in the sdg21 database Living at the Dantebad Project link: https://sdg21.eu/db/wohnen-am-dantebad Direct to photo gallery: https://siedlungen.eu/galerien/fotogalerie-2018-wohnen-am-dantebad Many thanks to Johann Hartl for the photos! New photo galleries [...]

New domains "sdg21.eu" as well as sdg21.de, sdg21.ch and sdg21.at

Although www.siedlungen.eu is self-explanatory in the German-speaking world, it is somewhat unwieldy in normal language usage. For this reason, the abbreviation "sdg21" has also been used since February 2017. It is formed from the acronym for "sustainable development goals", the number stands for the 21st century. The Sustainable Development Goals 2030 were adopted in September [...]

Innovations on siedlungen.eu

With the change to WordPress and the update of the individual project representations there were many innovations. In detail, these are: - 55 new settlement projects were added to the web directory - the area for settlement projects that are "in development" was significantly expanded and updated - the previous "comparison of federal states" (the last one was from [...]

sdg21 subdomains

From now on, subdomains offer direct access to certain main topics of Sustainable Settlements and Urban Quarters. On this website www.subdomains.sdg21.eu all subdomains can be found. Here are some examples: Settlements and urban quarters that are currently being built or are planning to grow: www.projektboerse.siedlungen.eu The very large urban development projects with more than 1,000 residential units: www.xxl.siedlungen.eu Properties [...]