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Video podcast (40 min., 2020) A resident of the car-free settlement reports

40 min, interview from October 15, 2020 by Katja Diehl (She Drives Mobility) with resident Levke, who grew up in the car-free settlement "Saarlandstraße" in Hamburg.

Here you can find more information and photos of the car-free housing estate:

More info about car free settlements:

Hamburg decides to make photovoltaics compulsory from 2023

On 22.12.2020, the Senate passed the first legal ordinance on the Hamburg Climate Protection Act. This regulates the concrete implementation of the solar roof obligation and the integration of renewable energies when replacing heating systems. With these regulations, Hamburg is one of the pioneers in climate protection in the building sector nationwide.

Up to 100,000 euros for facade greening in Hamburg

To ensure that significantly more houses in Hamburg are greened with plants on roofs and facades, the environmental authority is making €500,000 in funding available from 1 June. A maximum of € 100,000 and up to 40 % of the costs, applicants can receive in future in grants. Applications can be made from construction costs of €1,000. Funding will be provided for ground and wall-based greening of new and existing buildings, preparatory work, climbing aids, plants, planting measures, irrigation systems, completion maintenance and the ancillary costs for professional planning and supervision.

Hamburg timber construction subsidy increased

retroactive to 1 January 2020, the timber construction subsidy in Hamburg has now officially been increased to 0.80 euros per kilogram of timber product as part of the various subsidised housing construction programmes. As a funding requirement, the...

Hamburg's new climate plan and new climate protection law

Senate adopts concrete measures for the next ten years and sets new CO2-targets for 2030 and 2050

December 3, 2019. Today, the Senate has set two decisive courses to achieve Hamburg's climate goals with an update of its climate plan and a new climate protection law. CO2 emissions are to fall by 55 percent by 2030, and Hamburg is to become climate-neutral by 2050. The climate plan describes the responsibility and the respective CO2 reduction targets in the sectors "transport", "private households", "trade, services, commerce" and "industry". It contains a large number of concrete measures which are to lead to the necessary reduction of CO2 emissions by 2030. The draft of the new climate protection law creates a binding legal framework for this.

Northern countries launch joint hydrogen strategy

The five northern German coastal states have joined forces to build a green hydrogen economy as a pillar of the energy and transport transition: At their autumn meeting in Lübeck, the ministers, senators and senators responsible for economy and transport today (7 November) adopted a joint "North German Hydrogen Strategy". At the same time the heads of department called on the federal government to support their initiative and to include it in the national hydrogen strategy announced by the federal government for the end of the year. "With our strategy we show a way how the hydrogen potentials can be raised especially in the field of industry and mobility.

Wood Construction Award 2020 in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg

The Timber Construction Award 2020 Building with Wood in Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg honours realised buildings that are predominantly constructed from wood and wood-based materials as well as other renewable raw materials. The primary objective is to promote the use and further development of this resource-saving, environmentally friendly and sustainable building material. The buildings to be submitted should be of high design quality [...].

Conference of Construction Ministers promotes timber construction

Nationwide, construction with wood for buildings up to the high-rise limit is to be made easier and the Model Building Code (MBO) adapted accordingly. This was adopted by the Construction Ministers' Conference (BMK) at the end of the two-day conference in Norderstedt. In addition to climate-friendly construction with a focus on wood, the topic of "affordable housing" was also on the agenda.

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Hamburg facilitates timber construction

Senate passes new building code The Hamburg Senate passed a new building code on June 13. Hamburg is one of the first federal states to create new possibilities for diverse and innovative construction with wood: In future, wood may also be used for building projects with a height of up to 22 metres - this corresponds [...]

Thousands of cyclists at rally in Hamburg

Almost 30,000 cyclists came to the rally in Hamburg to demonstrate for better cycling conditions. The highlight for many participants: the tour over the Köhlbrand Bridge.

Click here for the NDR video about the rally: Thousands of cyclists at rally in Hamburg

Hamburg's largest timber house celebrates topping-out ceremony

Photo: Frank SchneidereitIn Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, the city's largest wooden house celebrated its topping-out ceremony on Thursday. The six floors consist of 371 pre-assembled wooden modules that are stacked on top of each other. The individual modules weigh more than nine tons and are virtually ready-made student apartments, including bathroom, kitchenette and bed. Only the foundation and staircases are made of concrete. "The construction could revolutionize the way residential buildings are built," said developer Torsten Rickmann at the topping-out ceremony on Thursday. The dormitory should be ready for occupancy as early as the winter semester. A furnished apartment will cost 500 euros warm rent per month. The first students are expected to move in as early as October 1.

NDR reportage "The bicycle war: Fight for the streets".

The NDR has devoted an elaborate feature to the topic "Who owns the road?". Anyone who rides a bike a lot will know many of the situations shown only too well.

Examples from northern Germany, including Oldenburg and Hamburg, as well as the Koppenhagen model with wide and delimited cycle paths and Germany's first fast cycle path in NRW "SR1" will be shown, but also the sense of cycle lanes on the road will be discussed.

Broadcast: April 24, 2017
Duration: 45 min.


Local authorities promote natural fibre insulation materials

Some cities subsidize the use of certified insulation materials with a bonus to support resource conservation, carbon storage and particularly environmentally friendly products. This also includes many insulation materials made from renewable raw materials. The overview lists the cities that grant an extra subsidy for certified natural insulation materials: Düsseldorf 10 - 25 EUR/m² Hamburg 10 EUR/m² Hanover [...]

Study: Hamburg builds energy-saving houses cost-neutrally

In a study of new residential construction in the Hanseatic city, the Institute for Research and Consulting for Housing, Real Estate and the Environment (F+B) comes to the conclusion that energy requirements such as overall energy efficiency or energy efficiency in Hamburg do not make building more expensive.

Costs for refugee accommodation

It is estimated that the care and integration of refugees will cost 20 billion euros in 2016. In the program Frontal21 from 24.5.2016 (from (minute 25 to 33) figures are mentioned, how some providers of refugee accommodations charge horrendous prices. According to their research, the cost of accommodation per refugee is 87 to [...]

Video (2014, engl.) Tour of the IBA Hamburg Wilhelmsburg

6:22 min, 14 April 2014, Ed: The Guardian

Oliver Wainwright visits the International Building Exhibition (IBA), a six-year experiment to build a zero-carbon extension to Hamburg in northern Germany. The project is home to all kinds of Passivhaus buildings, solid timber construction, the recycling of greywater, and even a building with a bubbling bio-reactive algae facade. Wainwright meets some of the key representatives of the project to examine a variety of different examples of eco architecture

Click here for full Guardian article:

Project Info: https://sdg21.eu/db/iba-wilhelmsburg