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Sustainable building at universities and educational institutions

The basics of sustainable building are now taught in almost all spatial science university faculties. Professorships at universities and educational institutions that have distinguished themselves through their commitment to sustainable construction are listed here. The list does not claim to be complete. New references are gladly accepted. We would be pleased to receive backlinks. Last update of this page: Direct to: […]

Further information for Berlin

Holzbau Atlas Berlin https://holzbauatlas.berlin/uebersicht-wohnen https://holzbauatlas.berlin Berliner Holzbaupreis www.stadtentwicklung.berlin.de/...berliner_holzbaupreis Publications Stattbau Berlin, Stadt Berlin, Wohnbund e.V.. (2019): Gemeinschaftliches Wohnen im Cluster. A practical guide to planning, building and living. Berlin LaFond, Michael und wohnbund e.V.. (2014): Stadtlabor Berlin. Wohnbund Information. On the occasion of 30 years of wohnbund e.V. and 10 years of Experiment Days, Berlin Kristien Ring / [...]

Further information for Thuringia

Thuringian Housing Projects Portal www.wohnstrategen.de/wohnprojekte

Further information for Saxony

Brochure of the city of Dresden (2008): At home in the city - new forms of housing in Dresden. pdf-Download

Further information for Hesse

Holzbaupreis Hessen https://service.hessen.de/...Der-Hessische-Holzbaupreis-2015... Publications Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Relations Department (2012): Gemeinschaftliches Wohnen in Hessen. New housing projects for young and old. Wiesbaden Kornelia Müller / Birgit Kaspar (2007): Wohnprojekte und nachbarschaftliches Wohnen in Hessen. Wohnbund Informationen II / 07 Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs, Public Relations Department (2007): Gemeinschaftliche Wohnen in Hessen. Directory of projects and initiatives. Information and contact points Servicetelle [...].

Further information for Schleswig-Holstein

Arbeitsgemeinschaft für zeitgemäßes Bauen (ARGE) e.V.. (2012): Genossenschaftliche und gemeinschaftliche Wohnprojekte in Schleswig-Holstein. Documentation of the symposium 130 Jahr Genossenschaften -20 Jahre neue Wohnprojekte- Ein Gewinn für alle! (commissioned by the Ministry of the Interior of Schleswig-Holstein) www.schleswig-holstein.de/...pdf... Some further (chargeable) publications on sustainable building https://arge-ev.de/arge-ev/publikationen/mitteilungsblaetter/ Overview lecture by Britta Tornow and Dau-Schmidt Wulf: "20 Jahre neue und kleine [...]

Further information for NRW

Holzbaupreis NRW www.holzbaupreis-nrw.de Holzbaupreis Eifel https://hkzr.de/projekte/der-holzbaupreis-eifel/ Holzbaupreis Bergisches Land www.wald-und-holz.nrw.de/...moderne-langlebige-architektur-in-holzbauweise Funding programmes Over 50 projects with just over 1,800 residential units were created as part of the "50 Solar Housing Estates NRW" programme. The funded projects are documented in brochures, in a conference volume and on the website www.50-solarsiedlungen.de. According to a press release from the EnergyAgency.NRW dated 12.11.2015, 15,000 people live in [...]

Further information for Bremen

Solar register Bremen With the solar register, you can calculate online free of charge what the yield of your solar system on the roof of your house will be. For example, if your roof surface is unfavourably inclined and whether the investment in the solar system will still pay off. http://solarkataster-bremen.de Bremen Building Owner Award www.bremer-wohnbaupreis.de Residential projects www.bremer-wohnprojekte.de  

Further information for Bavaria

Publications Settlement and Housing Models Bavaria ("Siedlungsmodelle Bayern", "Wohnmodelle Bayern" and "Mietwohnungen in Holzsystembauweise") Numerous publications, some free of charge, on low-cost and ecological housing and settlement construction are available from the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior bestellen.bayern.de WohnWerkstatt Authors: Manfred Drum / Doris Knaier; Urbanes Wohnen e. V.. (2006): Praxis-Leitfaden zur Selbstorganisation und Partizipation im Wohnungsbau für Wohnprojekte / Hausgemeinschaften [...]

Further information for Baden-Württemberg

Holzbaupreis Baden-Württemberg www.holzbaupreis-bw.de Holzbau-Offensive Baden-Württemberg www.holzbauoffensivebw.de Publications City of Mannheim (2007): Private Baugemeinschaften in Mannheim. Mannheim pdf-Download Arbeitsgemeinschaft Baden-Württembergischer Bausparkassen sowie dem Wirtschafts- und Sozialministerium des Landes (2001): Gelungene Siedlungen - attraktive Wohnquartiere - lebendige Nachbarschaft. Urban development congress, documentation PDF file 4.2 MB Working Group of Baden-Württemberg Building Societies and the State Ministry of Economic and Social Affairs (2001): 150 Building Blocks for Innovative Housing and [...]

Continuing office Old wind art

Office website: www.alte-windkunst.de

Continuing cadences and camps

sdg21 database entries https://sdg21.eu/planungsbuero/kaden-und-lager Website of the planning office Kaden und Lager: www.kadenundlager.de/buro

Further information for Munich

Holzbaunetzwerk München www.holzbaunetzwerk.com GreenCity München www.greencity.de mitbauzentrale münchen, consultancy for community-oriented living www.mitbauzentrale-muenchen.de www.forum-baugemeinschaften.de Living without a car (Munich) www.wohnen-ohne-auto.de

Further information for RLP

Ministry of Finance of Rhineland-Palatinate, ed. (1999): Umweltgerecht Planen und Bauen. Project examples. Mainz HolzbauCluster RLP (2013): Holzbau in RLP. Koblenz pdf Landesberatungsstelle Neues Wohnen Rheinland-Pfalz Advice on all questions of contemporary housing concepts - for all generations, in urban and rural areas https://lzg-rlp.de/de/landesberatungsstelle-neues-wohnen.html Mainzer Wohninitiativen www.mainz.de/...wohninitiativen.php LAG Gemeinschaftliches Wohnen - Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft RLP, Mainz http://www.lag-gewo-rlp.de/

Further information for Lower Saxony

Study paper "Ökologische Siedlungen in Niedersachsen" 2004 ( pdf 5,3 MB) Bürgerbüro Stadtentwicklung der Landeshauptstadt Hannover (2008): Leitfaden für Gemeinschaftliche Wohnprojekte. Guide for the foundation of a rental housing or building group: architect selection, financing, contact persons and advisors in Hannover. Community housing projects in Lower Saxony. Overview of planned and implemented housing projects in Lower Saxony www.neues-wohnen-nds.de...uebersicht-gemeinschaftl-wohnprojekte Holzbaupreis Niedersachsen www.3-n.info/...holzbaupreis-niedersachsen-2020.html Netzwerk Nachwachsende Rohstoffe und [...]

Further information on car-free living

Living without a car (Munich) www.wohnen-ohne-auto.de

Further information about Fritz Matzinger

  Fritz Matzinger office website: Dipl.Ing. Fritz Matzinger Architekt Leonding A-4060 T: +43 (0)732 774095 http://matzinger.at There has been another Matzinger Wohnhof in Germany in Wiesloch since 2012: www.i3-community.de/70-0-Wiesloch.html And in Denzlingen (near Freiburg) there is an initiative to found a Matzinger Wohnhof, which in 2018 found a plot of land with existing buildings: www.wohnhof-bächleweg.de Portrait of the architect Fritz Matzinger www.dorftv.at/video/4926 [...]

Further information Baufrösche Kassel

Office website: https://baufroesche.de

Further Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl

Office website: www.dreiseitl.com

Further information for Aachen

Contact point "New forms of housing" / housing projects in planning www.aachen.de/DE/stadt_buerger/Wohnen/Wohnraumentwicklung/wohnen_neue_wohnformen Stadtbau Aachen e.V. iGr. www.stadtbau-aachen.de

Further information for Bonn

Building and Urban Development in Bonn Initiative for a small straw bale house settlement in Bonn-Dransdorf with 24 residential units https://neue-stadtgaertnerei.org Transition Town Initiative Bonn www.bonn-im-wandel.de Climate adaptation project www.Bonn.de/zures  

Further information for Cologne

Citizens' petition "Climate neutral by 2030!" https://klimawende.koeln Housing projects regulars' table of the Cologne "Network for Community Building and Living" (Community forms of housing in Cologne: building groups, building communities, multi-generational living, cooperatives, co-housing, ...) http://baugemeinschaften.hda-koeln.de/...netzwerktreffen Cologne www.koelnarchitektur.de

Further information for Hamburg

Freie Hansestadt Hamburg, Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt (2010): Zusammen bauen lohnt sich: Baugemeinschaften in Hamburg. Hamburg Freie Hansestadt Hamburg, Behörde für Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt (2006): Zusammen bauen lohnt sich: Baugemeinschaften für Familien in Hamburg. Hamburg Authority for Urban Development and the Environment (2007): zukunftsfähig - nachhaltig - ökologisch. Housing and construction projects in Hamburg. Overview (9.5 MB) [...]