Solar City Neckarsulm-Amorbach

74172 Neckarsulm-Amorbach: the largest solar local heating project to date with a 150,000 m3 -The storage capacity in 1997 was 63,360 m³. The entire new development area with a total of 4,000 residential units has been realised in low-energy construction and is supplied via various local heating islands and CHP units. 2004: a biomass heating plant was put into operation. A housing estate with 1,300 units and a school are supplied by a solar system with seasonal storage.

Addr.: Grenchenstrasse

Fisch, N. (2001): Solar City. Stuttgart


Last Updated: May 6, 2020

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All planning agency project(s): ; City region: ; Country: Germany; Characteristics: ; Thematic: CHP, Solar local heating with seasonal storage, Solar Settlement, Water reservoir, Heat accumulator