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BBSR publication "Social Mix and Good Neighbourhoods in Newly Developed Neighbourhoods".

Cover: BBSR, 2020The Institute for Urban Planning and Social Research WEEBER+PARTNER (Stuttgart) examined 16 case studies and interviewed responsible persons in municipal, cooperative and private housing companies. The projects are characterized by a wide range of planning and construction approaches. According to the study, social diversity requires structural diversity: Rental, social and owner-occupied apartments of different sizes and with diverse layouts were created in the new housing quarters. They are socially mixed - even within buildings - with the respective proportions in the neighbourhood being derived from local requirements. The new quarters also offer space for communal forms of living, for example for older people and those in need of care. And they are characterised by an attractively designed and green residential environment. Concept awards promote the planning and implementation of such projects: Through them, plots of land are not allocated according to the highest price, but for the best concept.

Crowdfunding campaign for ESA dormitory launched

ESA crowdfunding video from 12.09.2020

The popular ESA dormitory on the campus of the TU Kaiserslautern (TUK) is in great need of renovation. The foundation's renovation concept for TUK envisions the former experimental building becoming a CO2-neutral building. The estimated costs for the work have not yet been fully raised. Therefore, the ESA residents are participating with a crowdfunding campaign, which has been available on the Startnext platform since September 13.

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rbb documentary (2019) "Im Möckernkiez"

Germany's largest cooperative housing project in Berlin

28:58 Min. Video available until: Dec. 02, 2020. first broadcast on: 2.12.2019

Living in the metropolis, in a large community, according to its own rules. Central, energy-saving, ecological, cosmopolitan, integrative. The residents of Möckernkiez in Berlin-Kreuzberg have fulfilled this dream.

Note from sdg21 editors:
In the documentary you will see
- beautiful aerial views of the residential neighborhood,
- by means of individual portraits, how life is in such a living environment and what the difference is to normal living
- which advantages the car-free mobility concept has
- how the ecological energy concept with solar power and BHKWs works, the energy centre is very impressive!
- how the financing as a housing cooperative works
- what financing problems there were with the large cooperative project
- what it means to implement self-determination in the neighbourhood
- and how the mix of uses was realised

Info about the project

Matching platform "bring-together

bring-together is a digital matching platform for collaborative housing projects and people looking for a community. The platform allows you a dynamic matching instead of a classic advertisement. In this way, needs are brought together. This makes it easier for you to find like-minded people and your own individual family of choice for communal living. The platform is for people who want to revolutionize community living and housing. "We believe that communities are the only sustainable way of living because sustainable, connected and responsible living is only possible in community."

Affordable housing. Examples from NRW

"Housing: How is it better?" the story WDR by Justine Rosenkranz and Sara Wendhack.
44 min, available until: 4.9.2020


Topics and Projects:
- Old velvet weaving mill in Krefeld
- Community housing project (cohousing) in Düren, 200 apartments in 7 buildings
- Student housing with seniors
- Cologne: Municipal housing policy for affordable housing. Increases in storeys, building communities

Young housing cooperatives call for rethinking

Demand Paper of the Alliance of Young Cooperatives Berlin of March 9, 2018 In order to advance the construction of affordable housing, an Alliance of Young Cooperatives was founded in Berlin in 2017. "Housing cooperatives have been a cornerstone of the socially responsible and affordable housing market in Berlin for well over 100 years," notes the cooperative board of Bremer Höhe and [...]

The winners of the 5th Klaus Novy Prize have been announced

For the fifth time and in keeping with its 120th birthday, Spar- und Bauverein Solingen eG awarded the nationwide Klaus Novy Prize for innovations in cooperative building and living in July. This prize was established by SBV eG as a stimulus for cooperative ideas on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. This year, the prize was awarded to [...]

Housing experiments in the Zurich agglomeration

BaunetzWoche#494: Cooperatives are currently experiencing a true renaissance in Zurich. The "Mehr als Wohnen" neighbourhood and the "Zwicky Süd" project are now trying to bring urban qualities to the agglomeration. Can these two projects facilitate new lifestyles beyond private housing? Link: www.baunetz.de/...baunetzwoche_ausgabe_5108639.html

Community housing projects in France

TU Dortmund University conducted an excursion to Paris from 27 to 31 March 2017 as part of the research project "Co-Housing Initiatives in Europe". There, the researchers met French colleagues Anne Labit (Orléans University), Sabrina Bresson (ENSA Paris Val-de-Seine) and Claire Carriou (Paris Nanterre University)."

Community living as the focus of ARL news

More and more people are answering the question "How do we want to live?" with "Together instead of lonely." Living in community has become very popular in recent years, among young and older people alike. The forms of the new housing, house and settlement communities are diverse: from self-sufficient eco-villages to multi-generational housing projects [...]

Berndt Koberstein Prize 2016 for the Tenements Syndicate

Freiburg: the Berndt Koberstein Prize for Living Together and Solidarity in Freiburg, endowed with 10,000€, was awarded for the fifth time in Freiburg's "Weinschlösschen". The Mietshäusersyndikat, which began in the early 80s as a small cooperative on the Grether site, has grown into an association of 111 house projects with more than 2,000 residents in [...]

Book about cohousing projects in Europe

Hrsg. Wohnbund e.V. Creating sufficient affordable housing - especially in European conurbations - is one of the great challenges of our future and calls for new solutions. In view of demographic change, changing family structures and growing environmental awareness, completely new forms of housing have developed in Europe: shared living for young and [...]

Video (6 min., 2012) Margrit and Declan Kennedy explain permaculture

In this video from October 2012, the two pioneers of new ways of economy and life Margrit (who died in 2011) and her husband Declan Kennedy, explain in 6 minutes the basic principles of permaculture. The recordings were made at Margrit and Declan Kennedy's home in the Lebensgarten Steyerberg:

6:45 min, 2012