Thema: Family friendly

Wooden housing estate "Permoserstrasse" in Ingolstadt

85057 Ingolstadt: 132 WE + 2 community houses as prefabricated 3-storey timber frame construction. 795 €/m2 (<=> 1,590.70 DM/sqm WF; 159,714.29 DM/WE). Developed within the framework of the "Siedlungsmodelle Bayern". It is the first "real" timber housing estate with over 100 residential units, at least in Europe. Architecture: Project consortium Sampo Widmann with Prof. Hermann Schröder. Developer: Gemeinnützige Wohnungsgesellschaft Ingolstadt. Completion: 1994

Aegidienhof" social housing project in Lübeck

23552 Lübeck: At the time, the Aegidienhof was the largest social housing project in Schleswig-Holstein. Here, young and old, people without and with disabilities, single people and families, live and work together in a new urban mix. The architectural firm Meyer Steffens Architekten+Stadtplaner BDA carefully renovated and converted twelve different old town houses around a large common courtyard in the complex around the Aegidienhof, which is significant in terms of architectural and cultural history. The result is 65 apartments as well as 9 studios, practices, offices, workshops and a café. Completion (modernization): 2003

Pilot Project Ecological Housing Lübeck-Blessensahl

23569 Lübeck-Kücknitz: 36 social housing units in 3 buildings in low-energy and timber construction with a total living space of 2,213 m². Pilot project as part of the "Resource-saving construction" programme funded by the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The main premise in the implementation of this pilot project was the synthesis of healthy living, energy and cost-saving construction with child and family-friendly floor plans. Completion: 1998

Moor meadow settlement Kiel-Hassee

24113 Kiel-Hassee: Werkgemeinschaft für Architektur und Städtebau (Heidrun Buhse, H.Schulze, a.o.), 21 dwelling units, reed sewage treatment plant, compost toilets, BHKW with local heating network, planning by architects, cooperative, participation, community house, kindergarten, architectural office, organic building form. Completion: 1992

Building group Stadt & Frau Rieselfeld

View_from_the_playground79111 Freiburg-Rieselfeld (Project No. 2): 67 apartments, 3 commercial units. Extensive consideration of gender aspects, barrier-free construction, common use of various rooms, spacious arcades. Mixing: in the first building mainly single mothers, in the second building young families and in the third building a mixed resident structure. Construction: 1996 - 2001