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BR-Reportage (44 min., 2021) "With timber construction out of the climate crisis?"

Online until 19.01.2026

In the video contribution, among other things, the Munich timber housing estate "Prince Eugene Park" and the City of Wood in Bad Aibling.

"Drought and bark beetles are taking their toll on the forest. The resulting damaged wood has caused the price of wood to plummet. The local forest owners are making a loss, even though the beetle wood is exported thousands of kilometres to China and America as construction timber. What could be the solution to the timber crisis? And could more timber construction in our country also be a way out of the climate crisis?"


Book review "Wohnquartier in Holz - Mustersiedlung in München" DBU Bauband 4

The ecological model settlement on a former barracks site in Munich sets new standards in timber construction. Various timber construction methods and building types up to seven storeys are being tested side by side in eight building projects with the aim of a final scientific evaluation. Timber frame, timber frame and timber hybrid construction methods are being used.

UmweltBank develops sustainable urban quarter in Nuremberg

UmweltBank has acquired the former GfK site on Nuremberg's Nordwestring. The company is planning an ecologically and socially sustainable urban quarter with housing, a daycare center, commercial space and public green areas. The new headquarters of the green bank will also be part of the quarter. The previous owner, a joint venture of Pegasus Capital Partners and Art-Invest Real Estate, had already developed an urban development concept in recent years and coordinated it with the City of Nuremberg. UmweltBank would like to further develop this concept in line with its own requirements in close cooperation with the city.

Bavaria: Building with wood is put on an equal footing with other building materials

The new version of the Bavarian Building Code will make it easier to build with wood in the future. In future, it can be used in all building classes. Schreyer: "With this, we are making wood significantly more attractive as a building material and thus making construction more sustainable." The Council of Ministers passed the amendment in its session today. Now it is the turn of the state parliament.

PV additions: Nuremberg and Hanover are ahead!

Good news for the PV industry: The solar cap will be abolished and solar expansion will be further promoted. The photovoltaic potential in Germany is enormous - especially when it comes to using roof space on new buildings. The new LichtBlick SolarCheck now shows in detail how well the 14 largest German cities are currently exploiting this potential. Enormous differences are revealed: While Nuremberg (49.1%) and Hanover (46.8%) exploit almost half of their potential, Munich and Düsseldorf do not even reach the 10 percent hurdle. The absolute taillight: the Hanseatic city of Hamburg with only 7.2 percent - one more reason for the solar obligation for new buildings planned by the mayor's office.

City building councillor hands over key in the ecological model settlement

City Planning Councillor Professor Dr. (l) Elisabeth Merk has now symbolically handed over the key to the members of the "Der Kleine Prinz" building association in Munich's Prinz Eugen Park. Their new building ensemble of atrium and point houses on Jörg-Hube-Strasse is part of the ecological model settlement there. In addition to apartments, two guest apartments, an ice cream café and a bicycle repair shop were built.

Further promotion of timber construction in Munich

The Munich City Council's Committee for Urban Planning and Building Regulations has decided to promote the construction of new, contemporary timber construction projects. This year, the city council will develop another grant programme for construction using wood and other renewable raw materials.

The subsidy programme is suitable both for individual projects and for larger housing estates and neighbourhoods. The aim of the city administration is to ensure that around 50 percent of the buildings on municipal land are constructed using timber.

Bavaria could cover its electricity needs with renewables on a balance sheet basis

Decentrally generated electricity from renewable energies can cover the demand for electrical energy in Bavaria both in balance and in perspective. This is the result of a joint study by the grid operators Bayernwerk Netz GmbH (Bayernwerk), LEW Verteilnetz GmbH (LVN) and Main-Donau Netzgesellschaft. The Bavarian power grid operators have analysed which development paths are possible for Bavaria with regard to renewable power generation and whether climate neutrality can be achieved in the power sector. The grid operators received scientific support from the Forschungsstelle für Energiewirtschaft e.V. (Research Centre for Energy Economics).

10,000 houses programme in Bavaria

Refurbishments or energy-efficient new buildings Name: 10,000-Häuser-Programm - EnergieBonusBayern Type of support: Grant Amount of support: Up to EUR 18,000 per housing unit Provided by: Bavarian State Government Area of application: Bavaria With the EnergieBonusBayern, the Free State of Bavaria supports innovative homeowners and developers who carry out energy modernisation measures on existing residential buildings or construct new energy-efficient residential buildings. The subsidy applies to [...]

State competition 2019 for housing in Bavaria

In the 2019 state competition, the focus is on existing buildings and inward growth: How are existing spaces optimally used in times of scarce building land? How can innovative living spaces be created by converting existing uses? The 2019 state competition is looking for exemplary examples - in the city and in the countryside - that take advantage of all the possibilities [...]

Bavaria promotes photovoltaic storage

In the Bavarian 10,000 Houses Program, there is now also money for electricity storage units if the user installs them together with a PV system. Until the end of 2020, 24 million euros are available for the entire program.

Tour of Europe's largest timber construction settlement

The ecological model settlement in Prinz Eugen Park in Munich, currently the largest contiguous timber construction settlement in Europe, was presented. The Holzbaunetzwerk München organized a guided tour through the ecological model settlement in Prinz Eugen Park in Munich on 24.05.2019. In 2009, on the initiative of the Green Party, the City Council of the City of Munich decided to build an ecological model settlement with 600 apartments in timber construction in the new district on the site of the former Prinz Eugen barracks in Bogenhausen. Based on the urban design by GSP Architects with Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects, eight developers, the municipal housing associations GEWOFAG and GWG München, building communities and building cooperatives have developed timber construction projects ranging from atrium houses to seven-storey residential buildings. Today, all projects are under construction and some will be completed this year.

First power-to-gas plant in a residential complex

Augsburg, 22.02.19: Together with partner company EXYTRON, Stadtwerke Augsburg (swa) has installed and commissioned the world's first decentralised power-to-gas plant in an existing residential complex. This enables a challenge of the energy transition to be mastered: surplus, regeneratively generated electricity is converted into synthetic natural gas and can thus be stored on site. Combustion then takes place in a commercially available combined heat and power plant and condensing boilers. In this way, over 180 residents in 70 apartments in the residential complex of the Augsburg housing group, which has existed since 1974, are supplied with climate-friendly electricity and heat.

More living space for Munich

Fast and sustainable building, adding storeys and renovating with wood As part of Expo Real 2019, experts from the timber construction industry met for the inaugural event of the Netzwerk Holzbau München. Organiser Andreas Lerge, Managing Director Wood Real Estate, opened the evening and welcomed his guests with the topics of digitalisation and professionalisation in timber construction. Currently, [...]

The demand for car sharing in Munich is growing

While two large providers are planning a merger, another company is entering the market in Munich with Oply. But it is still unclear when the city will be able to actively promote the rental system. http://sz.de/1.3921869

Comparison of German states in renewable energies: Baden-Württemberg new front-runner

New study makes the progress of the German states in the energy transition transparent Berlin/Stuttgart, 16 November 2017. Baden-Württemberg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Bavaria are the leading German states in the field of renewable energies. This is the result of the comparison of the German states published today by the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) and the Center for Solar Energy and [...]

Citizen energy project of the year

In future, three citizens' energy cooperatives will bear the "Citizens' Energy Project 2017" award. A total of 17 projects nationwide took part in the competition for the title. The three winning projects received a particularly large number of votes during a two-month internet voting process, in which around a thousand interested parties took part, and were also successful in the evaluation by the jury of committee representatives [...]

The winners of the 5th Klaus Novy Prize have been announced

For the fifth time and in keeping with its 120th birthday, Spar- und Bauverein Solingen eG awarded the nationwide Klaus Novy Prize for innovations in cooperative building and living in July. This prize was established by SBV eG as a stimulus for cooperative ideas on the occasion of its 100th anniversary. This year, the prize was awarded to [...]

Plans for the first construction site of the largest timber housing estate in Munich presented

In the current issue of the timber construction magazine "Mikado", the design of the first construction site of Germany's largest timber housing estate is presented: https://www.mikado-online.de/wp-content//uploads/2017/05/2017_06_Geschosswohnungsbau_Muenchen.pdf

According to the Mikado article, all the plots in the model development, which is up to seven storeys high, have already been allocated.

Germany's first Efficiency House Plus housing estate opened

3:38 min, Published 02.06.2017

After a construction period of just under one and a half years, Germany's first Efficiency House Plus development was opened in Hügelshart near Augsburg on 14 July. The nine single-family houses and four semi-detached houses produce more energy than their residents consume on average for everyday life. The estate was built by asset bauen wohnen gmbh in cooperation with BayWa AG in accordance with the criteria of the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Building for Efficiency House Plus houses.

To the project website:

A film about the first apartments of the Energy-Plus-Settlement
2 min, Published on: 4.7.2017 on BR Television
(no longer online 11/20/2020)

Beautiful, way too expensive city

Rents in Munich have risen by 70 percent in the past 22 years - the development is upsetting many Munich residents. What makes the state capital so expensive and how old residents and newcomers suffer from it. Read the recommended article in the SZ of 15.7.2017: www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/mietpreise-in-muenchen-schoene-viel-zu-teure-stadt-1.3587919

Call for entries for the Building-Integrated Solar Technology Architecture Award 2017

The Bavarian Solar Energy Promotion Association (SeV) is offering the 27,000 euro competition for architecturally and technically sophisticated solar systems for the 7th time The use of solar energy in and on buildings is a central topic in the context of energy-efficient construction. Solar technology systems should be a natural component of innovative building envelopes as well as building blocks of energy-efficient renovation. The task [...]

Local authorities promote natural fibre insulation materials

Some cities subsidize the use of certified insulation materials with a bonus to support resource conservation, carbon storage and particularly environmentally friendly products. This also includes many insulation materials made from renewable raw materials. The overview lists the cities that grant an extra subsidy for certified natural insulation materials: Düsseldorf 10 - 25 EUR/m² Hamburg 10 EUR/m² Hanover [...]

Client Award New Building 2016 - Deppisch Architekten

Ansbach, Herbartstraße

Two structures in timber construction with highly insulated building envelopes together with two annexes form a striking, extremely energy-efficient block around a lively courtyard in a simple, clear architectural language, from which all apartments and annexes can be reached barrier-free.

First BNK seal of approval goes to Baufritz with the top mark

With the Sustainable Small House Building (BNK) quality seal, there is now a standard for detached and semi-detached houses that you can use, for example, to optimise the conditions for insurance and financing of your own home. At the first official award ceremony, our "Room for Healthy Ideas" was also awarded the top grade of 1.4.

Purchase premium in Munich now also for private eCargobikes

From January 2017, the state capital of Munich will also pay up to 2000 euros in purchase incentives for privately used eCargobikes. On April 1, 2016, the Electromobility Funding Directive came into force in Munich. It introduced purchase premiums for commercial e-vehicles from pedelecs to e-cars. Since then, there has been a subsidy for commercially used eCargobikes [...].

Purchase premium in Munich now also for private eCargobikes

From January 2017, the City of Munich will also pay a purchase premium of up to 2,000 euros for privately used eCargobikes. On April 1, 2016, the Electromobility Funding Directive came into force in Munich. It introduced purchase premiums for commercial e-vehicles from pedelecs to e-cars. Since then, there has been a subsidy for commercially used eCargobikes [...].

Munich adopts record housing construction programme

The Munich City Council has passed the Housing Promotion Programme Wohnen in München VI with the votes of the SPD and CSU. The city wants to invest 870 million euros in the construction of apartments over the next five years. Investors will no longer receive city-owned land.

Car rental company tests fuel cell

The electricity for the electric car can come from the socket - or from the fuel cell. On the road, however, this technology is an absolute rarity. A car rental company in Munich now wants to change that.