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Saxony-Anhalt promotes electricity storage

The Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of the Environment has announced a subsidy program for electricity storage for photovoltaic roof systems. Private individuals, companies and tenant electricity models will be reimbursed 30 percent of the expenses. https://www.solarserver.de/solar-magazin/nachrichten/aktuelles/2019/kw39/sachsen-anhalt-foerdert-stromspeicher.html

Increased support for charging infrastructure

The Saxony-Anhalt Ministry of Transport is funding new charging stations for more e-mobility in the state with up to 40 percent. Not only municipalities are eligible to apply, but also companies that want to set up publicly accessible charging stations. In Saxony-Anhalt, funding applications for the installation of public e-charging stations can be submitted with immediate effect. With their publication in the ministerial gazette, the [...]

City of Burg receives award: Tenants' electricity project reduces electricity costs

On 26 April 2017, the Agency for Renewable Energies in Berlin honoured the Saxon-Anhalt town of Burg for its commitment as Energy Municipality of the Month. A local tenant power project ensures that 230 rental apartments can obtain solar power to cover part of their electricity needs directly from the roof of their apartments. "Tenant power projects are ideal [...]

Videos (2016 & 2011) about the "Ecovillage Sieben Linden

The ecovillage Sieben Linden has its own Youtube channel:
There are several films about the ecovillage.

In addition to the motivation and background of the ecovillage movement, the film also gives a good impression of the Sieben Linden ecovillage.

The text on vimeoHow can a world beyond growth, competition and profit look like? The multimedia project "Degrowth in Bewegung(en)" shows which initiatives and movements develop and live social, ecological and democratic alternatives.

In the ecovillage Sieben Linden we met Christiane Kliemann, who tells us in an interview what makes an ecovillage, how ecovillages are politically engaged and where the relation to degrowth is.

Here you can go directly to the article "The Ecovillage Movement: Degrowth as a lived reality?" by Christiane Kliemann: degrowth.com/en/dib/degrowth-in-movements/oekodoerfer/"

Film excerpt from "A New Us - Ecovillages and Ecological Communities in Europe" by Stefan Wolf.

DVD edition of "Life under palms"

Project Info: https://sdg21.eu/db/oekodorf-sieben-linden