Biosolar residential complex Zuffenhausen

70_Zuff70435 Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen: Biosolar residential complex "Am Stadtpark", 75 units, organic residential courtyard concept; Joachim Eble Architektur, completion: 1991

Building type(s) multi-storey housing as residential courtyard development
New construction, renovation New building on the site of the former Kreidler motorcycle factory
Form(s) of ownership Condominiums of various sizes for single-person households to large families
Location Residential area
Size (WE) 75 / approx. 7,200 m2
Construction time: 1987- 1992
Planning concept Organic residential courtyard development with synthesis of contradictory boundary conditions such as very dense development, view and the need for individuality and seclusion, community building and neighbourhood ties.

Flowing spatial transitions and varied building design despite large-volume buildings

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Waste/water Rainwater harvesting, collection of rainwater in the wetland biotope
Energy passive use of solar energy: orientation of all apartments to the south-southeast or south-southwest with sufficient sunlight even for the apartments on the ground floor at the lowest winter sun position
Technique: hot water boiler in the cellar, low temperature baseboard heating, winter garden
Building Biology / Building Materials The building materials used in the shell of the building and in the interior finishing as well as the systems of the building services correspond to the requirements of building biology for achieving a healthy living climate and the requirements of building ecology for saving heating energy, water consumption and the reduction of pollutants and emissions.
Brick masonry, rock wool (thermal insulation)
Traffic Parking space free housing estate with underground car park
Outdoor facilities Formation of the open spaces as garden courtyard-like residential courtyards with diverse experience areas. Green facades
Stakeholders Client: Siedlungswerk Stuttgart

Architects: Eble u. Sambeth, Tübingen
Garden design: Christof Harms
Water design: Atelier DreiseitI

Sources Ecological settlement construction in the FRG Work of the UNI/GHS Essen p. 124
van der Ree, Pieter (2001): Organic Architecture. Stuttgart

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