Thema: Zero-Emission

KOKONI ONE housing estate (formerly "Gut Buchholz") in Berlin-Pankow

13127 Berlin-Pankow: On a 23,000 sqm site in Pankow-Französisch Buchholz, a housing estate with 83 residential units with a total living space of approx. 12,000 sqm plus a community house will be built. Mainly renewable and healthy building materials such as wood, loam and straw with a positive CO2 balance will be used. Composite materials will generally be avoided. In the centre of the settlement there is an orchard with a community house. The heat and electricity generation in the settlement is fossil-free. Completion (planned): 2022

Design study "Car-free solar settlement Nancystrasse

76187 Karlsruhe-Nordweststadt: the design was planned for an undeveloped plot of land as a student research project at the University of Karlsruhe in cooperation with the association ASKA e.V., but was not realized. Concept: 140 units, photovoltaic and biomass CHP, business and office facilities, community facilities, gastronomy, car sharing tower, reed sewage treatment plant, board stack wood construction, hemp, flax or cellulose insulation, social settlement concept, integrated living. Completion: not realized

Energy self-sufficient solar house

2_View79114 FreiburgModel project of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (FhG ISE); the entire energy consumption of a single-family household is covered by the solar radiation reaching the building. Special features are a solar hydrogen gas stove and a fuel cell, as well as several other new developments. Completion: 1992

Wooden eight-storey building "H8" in Bad Aibling

H8_Building83043 Bad Aibling: The "H8" building is the first eight-story wooden high-rise in Germany. It was built in 2011 in the Upper Bavarian town of Bad Aibling. Together with the building E3 in Berlin, it is currently one of the tallest wooden buildings in Germany. 9 WEs and offices. Usable area: 803 m2, Architect: Architekturbüro Schankula. Client: B&O Wohnungswirtschaft, the building is located in a zero-energy quarter, completion: 2011

Würzburg Hubland

hubland logoIn-Entstehung_gr100px_200dpi97074 Würzburg: CO2-neutral conversion area for 4,500 inhabitants (approx. 1,800 residential units) on 95 ha, approx. 5.7 ha for commercial uses. Seven individual quarters. In 2018, the state horticultural show will be held on the site. The development measure is to be completed by 2024.