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50733 Cologne-Nippes: "Car-free settlement". 460 apartments for approx. 1,500 residents. The parking space ratio is 0.2 cars per residential unit. A multi-storey car park with 120 parking spaces was built on the edge of the estate for the estate's households and for around 40 visitors. Normally, approx. 400 to 500 parking spaces would have been required at this location. Completion: 2013

Size 460 dwellings, 1,500 inhabitants, 32 ha
Completion 2013 (start of construction 2006)
Project New construction of multi-storey apartments in ownership (20%) and rent (80%)
Address Eisenachstraße
Special features Numerous awards and prizes, including the German Bicycle Award 2013 and the SRL Transport Planning Award - Mobil im Quartier 2010
Urban planning European-wide urban planning competition 2001
Site of the former railway repair works Cologne-Nippes

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Mobility - Parking space key 0.2 parking spaces/WE

- Car park with 120 parking spaces on the edge of the development for 80 households and 40 visitors. (usually approx. 400 to 500 parking spaces required).

- Car-Sharing and settlement ticket planned

- cyclingUnderground car park with Bike Ramps in all apartment buildings

Legal - Car freedom anchored in the notarial purchase contract

- Reserve area next to the multi-storey car park (in case of acquisition of own car) currently partly occupied with raised beds ("urban gardening").

Development - Minimized traffic areas within the settlement ("pedestrian zone")

- Access with retractable bollard, refuse collection vehicles and "flashing light vehicles" receive key

- City issues special use permit to regulate necessary access, e.g., moving trucks, and appoints administrative aides internal to settlement to regulate vehicle access

- Auxiliary and transport means for suppliers are provided by Mobility Central.

Free space Significantly less sealing due to minimised parking facilities
Stakeholders Project developer Kontrola Köln on behalf of the City of Cologne
Settlement Association "Stellwerk60 e.V.
Citizens' initiative for a car-free housing project

ARD broadcast (2019): Maximum emission-free - residential areas without cars

Available until 08.04.2024. ARD-alpha

A district without cars, in a major German city? In Cologne-Nippes, about 1300 people live in a car-free neighbourhood. The residents of the French Quarter in Tübingen have been gathering experience in a neighbourhood without cars for around 20 years. Does the concept work?

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Video (2018) Car-free settlement Cologne Nippes

The car-free settlement and the mobility concept is presented from about minute 2 to 7 in the kika media library:

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ARD documentary (2017) "Verkehrswende - Stadt ohne Autos?"

In the ARD documentary, the two Sustainable Settlements
Stellwerk 60 Cologne Nippes and the French Quarter in Tübingen.

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Urban Planning Office of the City of Cologne (2001): Urban planning competition "Former railway repair works in Cologne-Nippes - incl. model project for a car-free urban quarter".

Andreas Blechschmidt (2016): Living without a car - niche concept or future model for sustainable urban development? Planning and implementation of car-free and car-reduced urban development projects in comparison. Master thesis at the University of Frankfurt, 104 pp. Further information and download:…38429

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- Results of the market investigation, inter alia, in Cologne will be here presented.
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