Student dormitory as mound houses

1170599 Stuttgart-Hohenheim: Planning: H. Schmitges, N. Kaiser, G. Minke, 3-4 storeys, 158 flatshare rooms in 6 houses, ventilation heat recovery, wall radiation heating, occupation: 1983

Form(s) of ownership Rental apartments
Location New building
Size (WE) 158 rooms in 6 houses
Operator Student Union Stuttgart-Hohenheim
Horst Schmitges, Mönchengladbach
Developer Norbert Kaiser, Düsseldorf
Completion 1983

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Ecology Partial use of rainwater
Waste/water separate collection
Waste Earth mound as thermal insulation, gas boiler heating with radiant heating elements, passive solar energy use,
Traffic Mound houses, grass roof, no sealed surfaces, green facades, windbreak planting
User experiences List of deficiencies esp. of the users of the lower kitchen:
- neither windows nor daylight
- Dirt and noise due to grid stairs
Structural development It was/is:
- the climbing aids for the facade greening removed
- the balconies were renewed and designed as arcades
- dismantled the bicycle canopy, which originally collected rainwater

Ecological settlement construction in the FRG Work of the UNI/GHS Essen p. 129

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