Clay housing estate Schöneiche

15566 Schöneiche: Clay housing estate, 13 flats. Completion: 1998

Street Farm 19b
Building type terraced houses, on the edge of the settlement in the transition to the countryside
Architects Gölling and Schmidt, Berlin. Economic support: Stadt-Consult
Form of ownership Community of owners, community of builders
Size (WE)  13
Project development After the German reunification, 13 families from Schöneiche joined forces to build a settlement on a cheap leasehold plot, partly in Selbsthifle. The project was subsidised by the state of Brandenburg with 1,100 euros per square metre of living space.
Urban planning 4 curved groups of terraced houses, loosely staggered
Architecture 2/ to the garden 3-storey terraced houses, horizontally boarded,
flat monopitch roofs (staggered over 2nd or 3rd floor), extensive green roof; modern architectural form, oriented towards Bauhaus or new types of terraced houses; houses without basement; individual size and layout of the individual houses, depending on the wishes of the owners.
The ancillary rooms (kitchen, toilet, bathroom, etc.) have lower room heights than the main rooms; the resulting height step allows for a narrow band of windows between the two monopitch roofs
Apartment size 109- 170 sqm.
Completion  1995/96 – 1998

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Waste/water Reed bed sewage treatment plant (southeast of the parking lot)
Composting toilets from Berger Biotechnology (Hamburg)
Building Biology Wooden boarding on the outside, wooden post and beam construction, lined with loam, loam brick walls on the inside, thermal insulation with cellulose insulation (Isofloc); wall panel heating
Traffic Parking spaces at the edge of the development
Open space / outdoor facilities integrated into the south façade (concave side): large trellis with extensive greening of the façade with climbing plants (knotweed)
Extensive green roofs
Extensive green roof recognised as a compensatory measure for intervention in the landscape
Front garden: small front gardens, front garden mostly without separation from the path and continuous
Garden: private, single, partly without separation between neighbours
Children's playground: large open space in the centre of the settlement
Parking space: Collective parking space at the entrance to the settlement
Road: access road (footpath only) laid out with bark mulch
Contact  Building owners: Interessengemeinschaft Landhof GbR, J. Kirchner, Landhof 19b, 15566 Schöneiche, Architects: Schmidtmann and Gölling, Pütterweg 144, 12589 Berlin
Sources  - Hartl, Johann/Lee, Eun-Heui: Ökosiedlungen in Deutschland. A Guide to Realized, Ecologically-Oriented Housing Estates in Germany 1980- 2002. Berlin/Seoul, 2003. German CD edition, Ottobrunn 2004.
- db 2/1997, p.72-77

- Karl Kübel Stiftung für Kind und Familie (ed.) Familie und Wohnen. Documentation on the Karl Kübel Prize 1996, Bensheim
Notes  Leasehold from ev. church, community self-help

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