we-house.life Baakenhafen Quarter (Hamburg)

Photos: Eble Messerschmidt Partner

Greening of the façade in front of a carbonised wooden formwork. Photo: Eble Messerschmidt Partner

20457 Hamburg Baakenhafen: the eight-storey townhouse in Hamburg's Hafencity will be realised with 52 apartments as an ecological-social whole organism for approx. 180 residents. The consistent ecological orientation of the building concept ensures a low ecological footprint over the entire life cycle: solid wood construction (board stacks), solar power systems on the façade and roof, water and biomass circulation systems with grey water recycling and terra preta production, intensive façade greening and the greenhouse for growing vegetables on the roof. The design was awarded first prize in the we-house Baakenhafen realisation competition. Completion: 2023

The "we-house" is intended to provide a "platform" for relaxed living through a well thought-out combination of individual apartments and comfortable communal facilities. From professionally organized lunch at cost price to guest apartments and car sharing to a wellness area, numerous services are offered to facilitate or enrich everyday life. The building (energy standard KfW40) is designed to generate as much energy, water and food as possible in the building.

Solar facade with PV integration. Photo: Eble Messerschmidt Partner

Baufelder 98 is located in the south-eastern part of the Baakenhafen quarter at the future Gretchen-Wohlwill-Platz. Baakenpark and the new Baakenhafen primary school, which is currently under construction, are nearby. The intergenerational residential model over seven floors is being realised by Archy Nova Projektentwicklung GmbH in partnership with DeepGreen Development GmbH. The project will include owner-occupied apartments, social rented apartments and student apartments. In addition to resource-saving timber construction and minimisation of the grey energy used, as well as a comprehensive material flow concept for water and biomass, a particularly functional façade is planned, which will include cladding with carbonised wood, a photovoltaic system and generous greening of the façade. There is also a rooftop greenhouse for the residents, a vegetarian restaurant is to be built on the ground floor, plus a co-working space, a Fablab workshop & other communal areas such as a laundry centre; residents' meeting place, a guest apartment, as well as areas for yoga, children or a sauna, for example.

More information...
... of the assembly: https://we-house.life/standorte/hamburg
... of the project developer: www.archy-nova.de/we-house/
... of the planning office: www.eble-architektur.de/we-house-hafencity-hamburg
... of the city of Hamburg: www.hamburg.de/pressearchiv-fhh/14331154/2020-09-18-hafencity-quartier-baakenhafen/

Last Updated: April 19, 2021

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